Eco Friendly Homes: 5 Tips

EcoTitle  Living in the Ocala Area has its ways of drawing you closer to nature because the Ocala National Forest, Silver River, and Rainbow River populate a large part of Marion County. Because of this, being ecologically friendly is often on my mind and recently has made me wonder what could I do to start minimizing own my carbon foot print.

Since the home building construction industry has been incrHouse Ecoeasing in inventory the last several months I thought that a good step to helping mother nature was tackling the “Eco-Friendly Home“.

the construction industry is responsible for as much as 40 percent of man-made carbon emissions  –

So here are 5 ways we can create a “Green” home environment!

      1. Recycle
About 1/4th of household items can be recycled instead of wasted, and the number of items you can recycle grows every day as production industries creates recyclable items.
     2. Solar Windows
They don’t call Florida the Sunshine state for nothing. Take advantage of our states plentiful resource, light! Solar Windows can convert light into electricity creating clean energy to help minimize your house’s carbon footprint.
     3. Eat Vegetables that are in Season
Believe it or not, but by eating vegetables that are in season can reduce your carbon footprint! Vegetables in season take less energy to store and transport compared to off seasonal produce. Not only will you save mother nature, but you might save some money too!

      4. Insulate Cavity Walls

If you have a house that was built in 1920’s or later there is a good chance that there are cavities in the outer walls. According to, a third of all heat is lost out of these uninsulated layers.
     5. Energy Efficient Water Heaters
These modern devices maximize energy efficiency by recovering lost heat and put it to use! Energy efficient water heaters in a whole reduce carbon emissions by 12% and can significantly save you money on your own electric bill.
I know I’m going to be more energy conscious in my own home from now on! I hope that you all can benefit from these tips I found on the Eco Friendly Houses website.

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